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Worried of Hair Loss or Pattern Baldness?

Wigs in Delhi resolves all your Hair related issues in Noida, Delhi. 

Bald spot on the scalp, is caused by Alopecia Areata. The immune system of body produces antibodies, it struggles off the damaging microorganisms begin to harm the hair follicles and led to hair loss in small patches of baldness.

There are several causes of  baldness.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia  -  Caused due to Genes or hereditary or or because of higher level of androgenes
  • Alopecia or Pattern baldness 

Any gender or age can be affected by Alopecia or Baldness 

Hair Loss or Thinning of Hair in Male can be identified as:
  • M shaped Thinning of Hair 

Hair Loss or thinning of Hair in Female can be identified as:
  • Hair Thin down from the front & the Central Scalp.

Know the causes of hair loss with proper guidance our  Hair Experts and get appropriately treated.

There are several options to prevent the loss of hair like consuming oral medication and applying topical medication, or you can also opt to undergo certain Non Surgical Hair Transplants or Hair Replacement and Weaving.

Thus even if you have thinning hair, you can always choose technology to fight hair loss and get back your original appearance.

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